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Nature of change


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If it’s your responsibility within an organisation to improve and innovate, change gets you noticed - one way or another.  Get it right and you could be feted as a company hero.  Get it wrong and you could be on your way to another job.


In the modern world, change is a constant companion to organisational leaders and managers.  What’s more, its pace is quickening, driven by factors ranging over skill shortages, acute competition and government regulation.  Successful management of change poses greater and greater problems.


Failure to implement planned changes should be no surprise but the true cost may be!  Missed deadlines and incomplete projects waste money and human resources, even forcing companies into terminal decline and causing shake-outs of whole management teams.


What are the reasons for this?

Which methods are more effective in getting changes made?

This website presents a different approach to programme and change management when issues are intensively complex, organisationally sensitive and peculiar to each situation.


Being better at business change management, transition and transformation.

Change impact is not predictable, it’s untidy and consequently planned change needs constant adjustment.

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